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Hello, I'm Chef Halil

I love food! Ever since I was a child, I've been intrigued at how raw ingredients could transform into incredible meals and how even minor adjustments to the quantity and quality of just one of the ingredients could result in such heavenly results. My curiousity drove me to discover heights of food sensation I didn't even think existed. My passion now is to provide the opportunity for everyone to experience the epitome of taste through 'The Silver Forks'.

Savour the moment.

In 2010, I was honoured to be chosen to lead the recipe design and implementation of prestigious buffets for the below.

My Career Highlights

My Achievements


I was a participant for recipe creation in Nestlé Golden Chef's Hat Award, 2012

5th position in the 'Flying Roti Canai' competion in Battle of the Chefs, Melaka (2007)

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