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Setia Tropika: 11am-Midnight, Mon-Sun

Jln Abdullah Tahir: 6pm-1am, Mon-Sat

Welcome to The Silver Forks

Join us for breakfast with up to 20 dishes, a buffet for lunch, and á la carte for dinner.

Experience luxurious food platters at incredibly affordable prices.

An Innovative Concept from Halil Salim

Our unique restaurant offers you mouth-watering Western delicacies as well as succulently enhanced dishes of the East.


“Tekak rasa macam nak makan Western food, tapi orang rumah pulak nak Asian food hmmmmm. Jangan risau orang Johor, nak tau dekat mana yang ada sediakan pelbagai jenis hidangan yang sedap-sedap, makanan standard hotel tapi harga marhaen? The Silver Forks lah jawapannya!”
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